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New products recently added to the lineup.

dormakaba ED50 Touchless Kit

Entrematic Ditec HA9 Full Featured - Low Energy Operator

Schlage MT20W Credential Enrollment Reader

BEA 10MS31U Touchless Actuator Kit

Interstate Batteries FAS1055 1& FAS1075 Replacement Batteries

Don-Jo 48 Hands-Free Foot Pull

Don-Jo 43 Hands-Free Arm Pull

Don-Jo RP-13509-2 Remodeler Plate

Millennium Group E Series Site Control Units

Stanley CB191 & CB199 5 Knuckle Full Mortise Hinges

Sargent & Greenleaf Padlock Chain Kit for 0881/0883 Padlocks

Sargent & Greenleaf A-Series ATM Locks

Securitron AQL Series Intelligent Power Supplies

CDVI FTC-1000 Stand-Alone Facial Recognition and Temperature Detection Terminal

Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx Narrow Stile Wireless Access Prox/Digital Lock Trim

Aiphone JO Series Video Intervom with Mobile App Capability

Trimco Fantom Firerated Premium Magnetic Concealed Doorstop

Trimco PG8125VV-4 Universal Panic Guard

Trimco LDH100-VD Lockdown Hardware for Von Duprin

Trimco AP323E-18L-4-335 Adjustable Pull

Trimco PBT8000-1-18 Push Bar Trim for Von Duprin 99

CDVI A22NB ATRIUM 2-Door Controller Without Box

Altronix Trove3CV3 Access and Power Integration Enclosure with CDVI Backplane

Altronix ACMS8 Dual Input Access Power Controller, 8 Fuse Protected Output Board

record-usa SimpleSwing Low Energy Door Operator

Kinetic by Camden - 900Mhz. No-Battery Wireless Door Control System

Locinox LUKY Mortise Cylinder Gate Lock

Locinox SAKLQF Adjustable Keep

Schlage M490DE Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Lock

K-BXCL500-AL Weldable Box

Command Access MLRK1-TEL ELR Kit

Trine 4200CC Grade 1 Electric Strike

Medeco x4 Keymark SFIC Core

Pro-Lok Safe "Butter" Bits

Kaba Ilco Remote Keys

GMS Sargent Style Large Format Mortise Housing

GMS Sargent Style Large Format Core

Marks USA Grade 2 Cylindrical Survivor Lever Locks

Locknetics WRT-K Wireless Receiver & Transmitter Kit

Locknetics RS SERIES Rim Electric Strike

Locknetics RDB4 Output Relay Distribution Board

Locknetics NC SERIES No Cut Electric Strike

Locknetics MG SERIES Maglocks

Locknetics MDS SERIES Mortise Electric Strike

Locknetics LP SERIES Power Supplies

Locknetics IPB-100 SERIES Illuminated Pushbuttons

Locknetics DKP-165-S Surface Mount Keypad

Locknetics DKP-165-FM Flush Mount Keypad

Locknetics DC SERIES Door Cords

Locknetics CS SERIES Low Profile Electric Strike

Kaba X-10 Lock Mounting Kit

NSP EL LC1200 Electrified LC1200 Storeroom Lockests

Alarm Controls RT-1 Remote Transmitter Kit

Sargent & Greenleaf 0881/0883 EP Environmental Padlocks

ISONAS RC-04 Pure IP Mullion Reader-Controller

ISONAS RC-04 Pure IP Wall Mount Reader-Controller

ISONAS IPB2.0 Pure IP IP-Bridge 2.0


ISONAS ACC-EDK-3A Advanced Security Module

ISONAS ACC-IRS-4700 Magnetic Lock Kit

LAB LSMOV25 Curved Shims

dormakaba Keyscan LUNA

Ilco Futura AUTO

Schlage FE599NX Z-Wave Connected Keypad Lever

GMS Cams for Mortise & Mortise T-Turn Cylinders

CDVI GWE - ENGAGE Gateway with IP (PoE) and RS-485

CDVI ADHKIT - Schlage 10-Door Controller with GWE Gateway

Advanced Diagnostics RW4 PLUS & M-Box Cloning Bundle

Advanced Diagnostics AD35 - Remote Control Tester

GMS M100 & M118 Mortise Cylinders

Kaba Ilco BAU4-P Bauer RV & Camper Keyblank

NSP LC2600 Series Grade 2 Leversets - US3

Norton 161BF Series Door Closer

Norton 410 Series Cast Iron Door Closer

CompX National C2014-2C Anti-Rotation Lock Mounting Plate

Master Lock 5441ENT Bluetooth Wall-Mount Lock Box

Master Lock 5440ENT Bluetooth Portable Lock Box

Master Lock 4401LHENT Vault Enterprise Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock

Master Lock 4400ENT Vault Enterprise Bluetooth Indoor Padlock

The Transponder Book: Volumes 1 & 2

Select Hinges SL21 Continuous Hinges - 83" Length

Select Hinges SL57 HD Continuous Hinges - 95" Length

Securitron AQ Series 8-Output Power Distribution Boards

Master Lock Grade 1 Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Master Lock Grade 3 Residential Hardware - Biscuit Knob

Master Lock Grade 3 Residential Hardware - Deadbolt

Master Lock Grade 3 Residential Hardware - Wave Lever

Securitron AQ Series Power Distribution Boards

Securitron AQD Series Dual Voltage Power Supply in 14" x 14" Enclosure

MAMMOTH 180-ZILV Hydraulic 180 Gate Closer & Hinge In One

ACSI M1520M Electrified Motor Drive Mortise Lock

CDVI ADH10 Schlage Door Handle Integration Controller

CDVI CA-A482-P Destination Reporting Module

CDVI CA-A480-A Elevator Controller

CDVI CS Standard Clamshell Cards

CDVI KTAG Black Key Ring Badge

CDVI SOLARK Keypad & Multi-Tech Mullion Proximity Reader - Black

CDVI STAR Multi-Tech Mullion Proximity Reader - Black